e-Spark Graduate talks about new business in Anderson

Michael Jordan is a new business owner in Anderson and former graduate of the e-Spark boot camp program for entrepreneurs.  His business will operate on Cinema Avenue off of Clemson Boulevard by this June.  The company exists to provide electronics and new technology for everyday purposes as well as kid-friendly recreational devices.

“The new space will compliment our existing two locations by adding 500 sf of showroom and 600 sf of work space. This will allow us to service customers 7 days a week with upgrades, repairs, and new equipment. This new space will feature mostly our Android TV Box devices; a group of small, user-friendly electronics that let you stream internet TV, play games, surf the web, and much, much more. In addition, we will be adding a small line of custom R/C components with a focus on FPV (First Person View). This new technology lets you put yourself in the driver seat of many popular vehicles such as cars, boats, airplanes, and multi-rotors.

My drive to help make these awesome technologies real and obtainable to everyone extends greatly into the e-Spark program. I believe that a person’s love for electronics, math, and futuristic ideas starts very early. Fostering these creative outlets in kids means that the problems of tomorrow are already being solved today, and the e-Spark program gives them the tools they need.”